Traditional Caricatures for Events

Have traditional caricatures at your next event! Caricatures are a fast and unique gift for each guest to take home and remember the event by. Offering caricatures in Las Vegas, San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. 

Paper Size - Caricatures are drawn on 11" x 17" good quality paper. For group caricatures, 6 heads can fit comfortably on one paper, but you may go up to 9.

Caricature Speeds - Black and white caricatures take around   3 - 4 minutes. To get the most caricatures done in an hour, it is strongly suggested to always have a few people waiting in line. Having a sign up list or other similar methods slow down the number of caricatures done considerably. 

Logos and Headings - You have the option to place a logo on the paper for an additional 6$ an hour. 

Caricature Set Up - For traditional caricature, the set up includes, a drawing easel, markers, paper, and caricature banner. It is asked that you supply adequate lighting, 3 chairs, and enough room for the artist to have 5' between them and the person being drawn.

Arrival time - Included is an early arrival time of 20 minutes for set up.

Bags - Each caricature is supplied a clear plastic bag for protection and easy carrying. 


Kiko was our caricature artist for a private party and she was nothing less than AMAZING! She provided us with wonderful take-home party favors that all of our guests just raved about! I could not imagine a better addition to a party or a better remembrance to have from a party - I had our caricatures framed the next day and they are an awesome and fun addition to our wall of family photos! I would highly recommend Kiko for any event!!!

-Susan H.

Kiko was definitely a HIT at our reception! Kiko captured each person in a unique and funny light. I would without a doubt recommend to everyone!!

-LaTara in Denver

We hired Kiko Yamada to do caricatures for the Erie High School After Prom event this year based on her terrific portfolio. But we couldn't imagine how great she would actually be — to say that she was a hit would be an extreme understatement! Kiko had a line of kids all night long – literally all night, from 11 PM – 4 AM! I could not believe how quickly she was able to get through the long lines, yet her artwork was still amazing. The kids went to school on Monday raving about their caricatures – they were truly the highlight of our event! We will hire her again for sure and recommend her to anyone who wants great art + fun!


Annisa Johnson - Erie High School Booster Club